Since 2017, Columbus Coffee Festival has made an effort to minimize waste at our event!

Last year, we provided every guest, vendor, volunteer and staff member with a commemorative mug to use while enjoying coffee samples during the festival. We estimate that we were able to eliminate over 18,000 paper or styrofoam cups from ending up in a landfill. While succesful at elimating items from the landfill, these mugs created their own level of waste through cardboard packaging, all of which were flattened and taken offsite for recycling.

We continue to work with our roasters to collect coffee grounds created at the Festival. Over 70 gallons and/or 350 pounds of coffee grounds were composted after the 2018 event.

As Columbus Coffee Festival continues to grow, we will continue to implement new measures to reduce, reuse and recycle at our event. For 2019, we are initiating a bigger presence in recycling and trash collection through sorting tents. Pop up tents will be placed around the Festival allowing more accessibility for guests. Our goal is to allow for onsite recycling, more compost collection and better education to guests, vendors and attendees.  For more information visit: