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Snowville Creamery – Better for the Cows

Since its inception, the mission of Snowville Creamery has been to provide you  with the freshest, most puree, and delicious dairy products possible.

Our consciously crafted products are super fresh and undeniably delicious – just the way nature intended! 

We source milk from small local farms who are grazing cows on their natural diet of grass and non-gmo feeds and forage, using no artificial growth hormones. Grass grazing improves cows’ health and physical fitness. These regenerative and sustainable farming practices use less energy, protect water, and build soil nutrients, retaining carbon and reducing air pollution.

In  Your Box

Cheddar Cheese Crisps

Made with our A2 Raw Milk White Cheddar Cheese. Deliciously crunchy and perfect for on-the-go healthy snacking. 100% Cheese and Keto friendly.

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Thank you to Snowville Creamery for sponsoring this year’s 2020 Columbus Coffee Festival!

Snowville Creamery