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Savorista is Kait & Daniel.

We are a Dayton-based Caffeine Conscious Coffee company, specializing in craft decaf and half caf. Our personal journey started on a caffeine-fueled path to burnout, so we decided to take time off and travel the globe. We soon discovered that some of the world’s best, most delicious coffee is decaf. Now, as caffeine-conscious coffee lovers, we’re proud to craft exceptional coffees with naturally decaffeinated beans roasted fresh in small batches.

In Your Box

Half Caf Single Serve Pour Over

We are pre-releasing our upcoming single serve pour over at the Columbus Coffee Festival! You will be the first people outside our team to try them! You’ll receive one of our two most popular half cafs, either our Barely Buzzed or Panorama.

To Make It: Before opening, give it a quick shake so the grinds aren’t packed together. Follow the directions on the package to open and place on your mug. Then fill the filter with hot coffee three times. It tastes extra special if brewed with Third Wave Water that optimizes the minerals in the water of your coffee. 

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