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Juan Ana Coffee is ran by the Friends of San Lucas. It is roasted by Carlos Esquit.

Friends of San Lucas supports development in San Lucas Tolimán and the surrounding communities in Guatemala. We work through a locally-based organization: the Mission of San Lucas Tolimán. The Mission is run by more than 100 Guatemalans in seven program areas. Café Juan Ana is produced, roasted and packaged in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. The Direct Trade Model we use ensures that the grower receives the most for their labor. The land overlooking lake Atitlán is exceptional for growing coffee and is at the ideal altitude ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 feet. The soil is rich volcanic ash, which is carefully composted and makes an ideal home for coffee.

In Your Box

San Lucas Especial

San Lucas Especial is a lighter dark roast; this roast reduces the intensity of the acidity, as well as the complexity of the aromas. Roast notes become more evident and the body becomes heavier. The coffee caramelizes during the roasting process and as a consequence of the long roasting time, more bitter notes appear. After tasting it there is a slight sweet and sour taste. Also we get spicy and even smoked flavors, with a hint of chocolate.

To Make It: When preparing this roast in the French press method, the flavor is more balanced and that due to the type of filter and the contact of coffee and water makes it obtain more body and is creamier, which makes the bitter taste feel lower.

Suggest: Recipe: -40 grams of coffee -680 grams of water -Use a medium grind -We are going to use a 1:17 extraction ratio. -The temperature of the water we are going to use will be 92c. -The extraction time ranges from 3 to 5 minutes. This is because it is a slightly darker roast. -We preheat the container, we do this by adding water that we have already heated this water, we discard it since we are not going to use it. -We add the ground coffee in the preheated container. Then, slowly add the water, making sure to moisten all the coffee. -We waited four minutes for the water and coffee to make contact. -Then we mix in a subtle way, stirring all the coffee. -We add the rest of the water until we reach 680 grams. -We wait another two minutes and place the plunger and press to the bottom slowly.

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